Introducing Avi: The First Telemedicine Platform for Prenatal Care

     Avi is the only prenatal care app that allows you to track your vitals from home and connect with your physician through telemedicine.  Use Avi to hold up to seven of your scheduled prenatal visits virtually.

     Avi tracks vitals weekly to increase confidence and engagement through your pregnancy.  We save time by skipping the waiting room and by allowing you to monitor on a schedule that works whenever and wherever you are.  Avi maintains the same standards of connection with your physician as traditional prenatal visits while decreasing the costs associated with a pregnancy.

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How it works:

     Use the Avi app to track your vitals every week and compare your measurements to normal pregnancy standards. If something doesn't seem right, we'll alert your physician right away. Your physician can also access your data to review your health for your scheduled appointments. Connect with your physician through a secure video call in the app to hold up to half of your prenatal visits from anywhere!



What's in the Baby Bundle?

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Four Devices to Track Health and Increase Peace of Mind

     As part of the Avi Baby Bundle, you will receive four bluetooth devices to use along side your traditional prenatal appointments with your physician. You can pickup your Baby Bundle during your first prenatal visit at participating providers or have the bundle shipped right to your door!


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